Georgia Woman Files Federal Injury Lawsuit on Behalf of Son

Macon Mother Files Federal Injury Lawsuit Against Georgia Police Officer A Macon, Georgia woman and her young son have filed a federal injury lawsuit against a Georgia police officer because, according to the mother, her son’s constitutional rights were violated. In January 2013, according to the federal injury lawsuit, 8-year-old Ethan Devon … [Read more...]

Georgia Woman Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Megabus

Another Megabus Crash Leads to Personal Injury Lawsuit from Georgia Resident Megabus has suffered several bus crashes in the last few years, which have, in many cases, led to personal injury lawsuits. The latest Megabus crash occurred in Indiana, when a bus full of passengers bound to Chicago from Atlanta rolled over injuring many of the 70 … [Read more...]

Principal Admits to Role in APS Cheating Scandal as Trial Continues

Trial Continues as Key Witness Testifies That He Orchestrated the APS Cheating Scandal On Monday, December 1st, the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) trial continued with testimony from a former principal of Parks Middle School who candidly discussed his role in the APS cheating scandal that rocked the city’s school system. Christopher Waller became … [Read more...]

Georgia State Senator Calls for Full Marijuana Legalization

State Senator for Georgia Calls for Colorado-Style Marijuana Legalization A Georgia state senator has called for full “Colorado-style” marijuana legalization, from recreational to medical use. State Senator Curt Thompson, D-Norcross, filed joint proposals for both medical and recreational marijuana operations to become legal in the state of … [Read more...]

Georgia Lawmakers Continue to Consider Medical Marijuana Bill

Georgia Lawmakers Find Bipartisan Support for Medical Marijuana Bill Although Georgia did not pass medical marijuana legislation during this past midterm election, lawmakers in the state are pressing ahead to propose a medical marijuana bill with bipartisan support for next year. A series of committee meetings on the subject included testimony … [Read more...]

Georgia Settles Inmate Wrongful Death Lawsuits for $350,000

State of Georgia Pays Inmate’s Family $350,000 to Settle Wrongful Death Lawsuit After an inmate in Hays Prison was strangled and beaten to death in his cell, the family sued the state of Georgia for failing to protect him while he served his sentence. Now, Georgia has offered the family a settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit of … [Read more...]

Teachers Testify in Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal

Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal Testimony Paints Damning Picture Monday, October 20th, and Tuesday, October 21st, saw testimony from former Atlanta Public Schools teachers, who backed up the racketeering and cheating charges in the federal trial against 12 former teachers and administrators. On Monday, former teacher Margaret Merkerson … [Read more...]

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Star with Assault Charges

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Reunion Show Brawl Leads to Assault Charges The New York-hosted “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” show turned ugly in July when the party erupted into a massive fight between several of the former cast mates, and now one of the former stars faces assault charges. One of the former stars, Joseline Hernandez, is now … [Read more...]

Two Dekalb County Schools Racketeering Charges Overturned

Two Racketeering Convictions in Dekalb County Schools Scandal Overturned After two people were convicted on racketeering charges for their involvement in the Dekalb County public schools construction scandal last year, court investigations led the judge to believe that there was a “lack of complete and truthful evidence” in some of the … [Read more...]

Georgia Kicks Off Teen Driver Safety Week

Georgia Department of Driver Services Kicks Off October Teen Driver Safety Week Car accidents, whether from distracted driving, DUI, or simple random occurrence, are a regular problem in the state of Georgia and much of the country. It is important for teenagers to learn safe driving techniques early, so Georgia has created Teen Driver Safety … [Read more...]