Federal Drug Crimes

Defending Federal Drug Crimes in Georgia

The Strom Law Firm, LLC in Brunswick, GA represents individuals charged with federal drug crimes including:

• Importing controlled substances
• Manufacturing methamphetamine “Meth”, marijuana, or cocaine
• Conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute
• Possession with Intent to Distribute large quantities of drugs

Federal drug charges are serious and can lead to severe consequences.  Many federal drug charges carry severe mandatory sentences with limited opportunities for probation or parole.

Federal drug investigations and indictments are often combined with other charges including:

  • 1001 False Statement Violations,
  • Money laundering
  • conspiracy and
  • asset forfeiture.

In many Federal drug cases, there are several Federal investigators, co-conspirators, undercover informants, wiretap or electronic evidence as well testimony from co-conspirators who may have cut a deal in exchange for information that led to other arrests, including possibly your own.

Challenging Your Federal Drug Charge

Most of these offenses involve selling, manufacturing or distributing marijuana, cocaine or other illegal substances, and the criminal elements are similar to those found under state law. Most federal drug cases involve the shipping of narcotics or marijuana over state lines. This may involve transporting the drugs from one state to another in a car or other forms of transportation, such as a plane; or it may involve the use of the U.S. Mail or a private delivery service such as Federal Express or UPS to transport marijuana or narcotics.

Given that most drug cases involve a search and seizure, we will analyze all of the evidence to determine how to present the most effective defense possible through our familiarity with the Federal Judicial Process and Georgia’s criminal law.

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