Georgia Settles Inmate Wrongful Death Lawsuits for $350,000

State of Georgia Pays Inmate’s Family $350,000 to Settle Wrongful Death Lawsuit

wrongful death lawsuitAfter an inmate in Hays Prison was strangled and beaten to death in his cell, the family sued the state of Georgia for failing to protect him while he served his sentence. Now, Georgia has offered the family a settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit of $350,000.

The family of Damion MacClain filed the wrongful death lawsuit against the state prison system after the victim died on December 26th, 2012. Georgia has offered the settlement money in exchange for the family dropping their lawsuit. The state will admit no liability in the case, and the wrongful death settlement is instead an offer to “to seek peace and secure resolution and to terminate further controversy.”

MacClain’s death was one of three in a span of five months in Hays Prison, which is in Northwest Georgia. Reportedly, faulty locks on cell doors allowed prisoners to leave their assigned cells and break into other cells. McClain’s family said that the failure of the prison to fix or replace the locks led to their loved one’s wrongful death.

Prison audits from at least five years – 2008 through 2012 – reported that the cell doors at Hays could easily be circumvented. The prison houses high-security inmates, such as murderers or repeat offenders.

The families of other victims who died because of violence at Hays Prison have also filed lawsuits against Georgia for the wrongful deaths of their family members. Since 2010, 33 inmates and one correctional officer have been killed because of the lax security at Hays.

“I think it’s a challenge for the state,” said state Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta. “The governor and his administration have been touting that fewer inmates are in the [prison] system and that’s not enough. We have to make sure the inmates that are in the system are not preyed upon.” Fort held a hearing in April regarding the increasing violence at Hays, and ways to prevent further wrongful deaths of inmates or officers.

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Georgia

Every year loved ones across the nation have to endure the loss of family members that die as a result of wrongful death. The unexpected loss of a loved is a very painful experience.  It leaves family members with sudden expenses such as hospital bills, and funeral costs.

A wrongful death lawsuit asserts a claim against a person who can be held legally responsible for a death. The claim is brought in a civil action, usually by relatives.  Common wrongful death claims arise out of personal injury claims caused by accidents including:

  • tractor trailer accidents,
  • automobile accidents,
  • burn injuries,
  • brain injuries,
  • motorcycle accidents
  • construction site accidents,
  • defective products,
  • toys and childrens’ products,
  • medical malpractice claims,
  • nursing home neglect and abuse,
  • injuries sustained while working on the job.

While you focus on getting through the tough experience, we will focus on protecting your rights.

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