Train Derails Killing 3 near Niagara Falls

A train derailment near Niagara Falls resulted in three dead and dozens more injured.

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The passenger train derailed near Burlington, Ontario in the midst of a route traveling from Niagara Falls to Toronto.

The three people confirmed dead were all employees with Canada’s Via Rail and were riding in the front of the train when the train came off of the tracks, according to company spokeswoman Michelle Lamarche.
Three passengers required immediate medical attention and were airlifted to hospitals. Their injuries include one person suffering a heart attack, another with a broken leg, and a third with a back injury. Forty-two other passengers suffered less serious injuries and were treated at the scene or were sent to a local hospital.

It is believed that in total six cars derailed including two that flipped on their side. The two that flipped included the locomotive and one passenger car. The two cars then crashed into a building causing minor damage to the building. The passenger cars behind the flipped cars derailed in the shape of an L.

Why the derailment occurred is still under investigation. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is sending a crew of investigators to the scene. They will also examine the date recorder on board, according to Lamarche.

Lamarche said in total 75 people were on board.