Disability Benefits for Work Injuries

In Georgia, You May Qualify for Disability Benefits Plus Workers’ Comp

Your Workers’ Compensation lawyer at the Strom Law Firm will automatically review your case to see if your injury or illness is eligible for disability benefits.

A work-related injury or illness may be severe enough (and last long enough) that it also qualifies as a disability under the Social Security Disability Benefits Act.

In this case, you would be able to apply for disability benefits in addition to your Workers’ Comp claim.

Workers’ Compensation vs. Disability Benefits

Workers’ Compensation benefits would take precedence, and serve as the primary benefit over disability benefits. So if you win Social Security benefits, the benefits will be offset (reduced) based on the amount of Workers’ Compensation you are awarded.

At The Strom Law Firm, LLC, we’ll help you navigate the interplay between Social Security and Workers’ Compensation benefits to maximize the overall assistance you can receive.

Obtaining Social Security disability benefits is a prolonged process that initially results in a denial, which in turn leads to hiring a lawyer — for a majority of cases. The assistance of a social security attorney can help ensure that you present the documentation needed to support your claim for benefits. You can learn more about the steps to take for denied disability benefits.

Our Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Law Firm has successfully represented many people who were initially denied benefits.

If you live in Georgia, contact the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at the Strom Law Firm today (912) 264-6465, for a free consultation to discuss your claim for workers’ compensation and social security disability benefits.