Rollover Accidents

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What Causes SUV Rollovers?

Sport Utility Vehicles, (“SUV’s”), have become popular in recent years, especially among families who need the extra seating, and storage space.

As consumers, we view SUVS as safe, reliable cars and trust the automobile manufacturers to develop and provide us with transportation that will allow us to respond to everyday common place emergency situations such as swerving to avoid an accident or other road obstruction.

Despite our sense of security, statistics show that SUVs are approximately three times more likely to flip than a sedan.

The inherent problem with SUVs is that they have a high center of gravity and narrow track width which can make the auto unstable on the road and more likely to flip, even during a normal response where a driver is forced to change lanes quickly, swerve or otherwise respond to an emergency situation.

With an automobile or SUV rollover, comes the increased risk of ejectment, roof crush, serious injury, and even death.

Factors that can cause a SUV rollover accident include:

  • responding to an emergency situation
  • Sharp turns
  • Speeding
  • Striking a curb
  • Hitting a ditch
  • A car collision

In the event of a roll over, most SUVs and automobiles are not equipped with rollover bars, roof crush protection, or even an adequate safety system to reduce the likelihood of injury or wrongful death. Manufacturers should be responsible for manufacturing vehicles, including SUVs equipped to deal with everyday road hazards.

Roof Crush

A 2008 report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that strong roofs reduce the risk of serious injury in a car rollover. To receive a good roof strength rating from the Institute, a vehicle must be able to withstand a force equal to 4 times its weight prior to 5 inches of crush. Rollover roof strength is important for preventing serious injuries in accidents. Roof crush injury can result in serious spinal cord and head injuries and could lead to injuries more severe than a regular car accident.

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