Exploding Gas Can Dangers

Georgia Exploding Gas Can Attorneys

The truth is you could be at danger, even without getting into an accident.  If you mow your lawn or your car has run out of gas at one point, chances are you own a red plastic gasoline can.

Many people believe the plastic containers are effective and cheap for storing gas; however, sometimes those cans transform into exploding bombs.

If you fill a gas can while holding it above the ground, the static electricity can ignite the gas can.  Sliding it across a truck bed is just as dangerous.  Even such a small move as a spark from your trunk latch could cause an explosion.  Thousands of adults and children have been severely burned or killed by exploding plastic gas cans.

Another aspect many people do not know about is that plastic gasoline can companies have known how to prevent explosions for quite some time.

The Missing Flame Arrestor

A flame arrestor is a thin wire mesh located in the gas can spout.  It acts as a safety device.  It allows the gas to exit, but prevents flames from igniting gasoline vapors inside the can. Explosions typically occur when vapors from inside the can are exposed to a nearby open flame.

Gas Can Manufacturers

Gasoline can companies like Blitz USA, Inc., Midwest Can, Scepter Manufacturing and the Plastics Group, should have known about the dangers.  Professional grade gas cans have been equipped with flame arrestors and spring-activated caps, which close automatically and prevent vapors from escaping.

Child Cap

In January 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) required all plastic gasoline cans to have a child resistant safety cap.  Unfortunately, there are still thousands of gasoline cans which are defective and unsafe, especially for children.


Another manufacturing problem is the lack of proper warnings on the container itself. A bold, visible warning would not cost significantly more than the ones used in some cases now and would prevent numerous tragic accidents.

Devastating third degree burn injuries and death have been associated with Blitz gas cans, which usually carry five gallons of gasoline.  Many times they are left in garages and homes within the reach of children.

With gas prices steadily increasing in recent years, more people are stock piling fuel in gas cans to save money. They load the cans in their cars as well which could turn a simple fender bender into a huge explosive disaster.

Lawsuits have been successfully won against the manufacturers of plastic gas cans, as well as the retailers who have sold dangerous containers, including Wal-Mart. Despite the legal actions, many dangerous gas containers continue to be sold.

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