New Cabs for NYC

New York City unveiled new taxi cabs that will be in use by October of 2013. The cabs are a prototype of the Nissan NV200. The model was selected among three finalists which included a Ford and Turkey’s Karsan.

The new cabs offer a charging port for riders’ electronics, more leg room, a large skylight roof to gaze at the city’s skyscrapers, and odor reducing and anti-microbial fabric to rid the vehicle any unpleasant smells. Riders also will be happy to know that the vehicles are hump free, making it easier to scoot from one side of the vehicle to the other. The new taxis also have sliding doors, so there is no longer a risk of a hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist with the door. Other smaller additions to the vehicle include, floor and overhead lights, as well has cargo space in the rear for luggage.

Taxi of the future: The Nissan NV200, designed by Nissan North America, Inc, will serve as New York's exclusive cab for a decade


The new taxis will begin replacing older vehicles in October of 2013, with the hope by 2018 that all older taxis will be phased out.

“New Yorkers are pragmatic, but they also appreciate quality. This is a higher-quality taxi ride than what they’re getting today,” stated New York City Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky.

Nissan Spokesman Steven  Oldham said Nissan would also b e undertaking pilot program with their Leaf electric cars to test the feasibility of electric taxi cabs in the coming years.

As for now, the cars will sell for about $29,000 and come with partitions included, stated Yassky. Meters and medallions will be the responsibility of the buyers.