Man Decapitated by Wood Chipper

A California tree trimmer died after being sucked head first into a wood chipper.

The freak accident occurred Thursday, January 12. Martin Lara, 50, of Applegate, California became entangled around the neck by a rope as he fed branches and debris into the chipper. The rope dragged him into the chipper where he was decapitated.

Lara’s company, Bushwackers, was hired to clear brush from home in rural Nevada City when the rope became attached to some wood and was dragged by the chipper, according to CBS Sacramento.

A colleague saw the incident take place and stopped the machine before his entire body was dragged in. Other crew members tried to help, but it was too late.
Hap Penaluna, Sheriff’s Sgt, said the accident was “a freak accident”.

“It was huge chipper capable of processing full-size trees, “ Penaluna told the Union of Grass Valley. “It’s just a tragic accident.”

By: South Carolina and Georgia Workers Comp Attorney Mario Pacella