Automobile Accident Law

Georgia Car Wreck Attorneys

Car wrecks occur on a daily basis in Georgia and are often disastrous for drivers. Even minor accidents can lead to severe injuries, expensive car damage, and costly medical bills.

Automobile accidents are often the result of careless drivers or hazardous roadways and many of the worst drivers on the road are not insured or do not carry enough insurance to pay for all the damage and injury caused in an accident. Many people do not know that their own insurance policy may cover costs if they are injured in a car accident that is not their fault. This may be true even if you do not have comprehensive or collision insurance.

Car accidents can be caused by careless driving, a distracted driver or failure to follow the rules of the road.

It takes an experienced attorney familiar with insurance policies to help you analyze the legalese to make this determination. The experienced Georgia Automobile Accident Attorney at The Strom Law Firm, LLC, can help you understand the legal process and will ensure your insurance company gives you the compensation you are entitled to.

Do not let insurance adjusters take advantage of the situation by settling your claim for as little as possible. If you have been in a car accident it is important that you understand your legal rights. Our qualified Georgia car accident attorney can help you recover financial losses and give you peace of mind.

Our law firm has experience dealing with automobile accidents and insurance companies and can help ensure you receive fair compensation for all your injuries; current and future. Even those cases which do not involve life altering injuries or complex legal questions are often defended aggressively by insurance companies. The insurance companies who most often defend at-fault drivers spend millions of dollars teaching their adjusters how to successfully deny claims.

At the Strom Law Firm, LLC, in Georgia and South Carolina our attorneys are skilled in dealing with the various issues that arise during the course of your case.