“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Star with Assault Charges

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Reunion Show Brawl Leads to Assault Charges

assault chargesThe New York-hosted “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” show turned ugly in July when the party erupted into a massive fight between several of the former cast mates, and now one of the former stars faces assault charges.

One of the former stars, Joseline Hernandez, is now wanted by the NYPD on assault charges. Hernandez also faces a lawsuit from former co-star Althea, claiming that Hernandez was high on cocaine during the reunion show, which led to her aggressive, injurious behavior.

Allegedly, cast mates Benzino, his fiancé Althea, Stevie J, Debra, Tammy, Mimi, and Joseline were all involved in the huge fight during the July party, which was in front of an audience.

Althea claimed in a filing with NY police that Joseline was the instigator, which led to the assault charges. The NYPD agreed with Althea, and if Joseline goes back to New York state any time soon, she will be pulled over and arrested, per the assault charges warrant.

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